A Sweet Sniff of Entrepreneurial Success

Whilst people were busy plodding to the poll centre last Thursday to cast their vote, I was busy making the final touches to my brand new blog (don’t worry, I did vote too!). Surprisingly BBC News somehow missed the press release announcing the start of Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream, but it was big news on the Capocci house.

For the last year I have been writing for the very lovely Natalie at Style Me Sunday, which I cherished, but this was the first time since I finished work nearly three years ago that something was just mine, and man it felt good.

The moment Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream went live online
The moment Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream went live online

As all of you mums and dads know, immediate job satisfaction is not something that normally comes hand in hand with child rearing. This particular job seems to be more of a slow burner. But as I pressed ‘post’ on my first ever piece of writing, I felt the kind of nervous excitement that was previously reserved for my big PR campaigns. When I woke up the following morning I was floating on Cloud 9 as the Facebook page totted up ‘likes’ and kind friends and fellow bloggers had made their comments. My mind buzzed with ideas and started to make a mental to-do list of all the things I could do to make the blog a success.

Then I caught sight of my little cherubs once again in front of CBeebies (ok, squabbling over talking Olaf), and I once again reminded of my real full-time job, mum of two brilliant, wonderful, infuriating and incredibly frustrating children. My children. The high I have felt writing the blog is addictive, but wavering. I thought that raising these two didn’t provide the dizzy highs I felt from my blog every day, but am I just missing these moments? So caught up in the rat race otherwise known as the daily routine, throwing myself from one job to another (cooking, cleaning, bum wiping and all round entertainer), that the real moments of job satisfaction were passing me by. When Raffy eats his first piece of finger food like he’s been shoveling down rice cakes all his life, when Coco gets through a ballet class without giving me the cheeky sideward glance before pegging it off round the room. These are the moments of real success and I have been taking them for granted.

My first loves
My first loves

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE writing the blog and by having this outlet and getting my teeth stuck into something other than Annabel Karmel purees, I know it will make me a better mum. After all we all need something just for us. But surprisingly, in an unexpected way, it reminded me that my first love and greatest successes are, and will always be, my children.

Gemma x

8 thoughts

  1. Lovely piece! I also have “two wonderful but incredibly frustrating and infuriating children”! I’ve also found the world of blogging (seriously addictive) and I’m studying with the OU! I do wonder if sometimes I don’t get the balance quite right! 😜 it’s tough, but I’m sure you’re doing a great job! 😊xxx

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  2. Great post Gemma, I think we all need a little reminder sometimes (or often..!) that being a mum is a great achievement we can be proud of…

    Liked by 1 person

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