How it feels to be a new kid on the blogging block

So I have officially been a “blogger” with my own little blog for just over for one month now.  I was lucky enough to have a small insight into this wonderful world when writing for Style Me Sunday, and when I worked in PR, but boy, it has been a crazy few weeks. It turns out this blogging business is a busy one, and this month has been a massive learning curve.  In the grand scheme of things my tiny blog is a newborn, but here is a handful of the things I have learnt thus far…


My house will never be clean again 

Of course the two small people who live here (who are also occasionally in cahoots with my husband) ensure the house is very rarely not covered in food / bogies / vomit / poo or all of the above.  But when a miracle happens and the kids both sleep at the same time / I manage to stay awake past 9pm (with the help of  700 coffees and a large bar of the good stuff), the choice between housework or blogging is a clear one, and blogging wins every time (promise not to judge if you pop round for tea).

I’m an addict  

I was already a bit of a social media addict before I started blogging. Anything to distract me whilst Coco insisted on watching the same episode of I Can Cook for the hundredth time, but starting my own blog has taken my screen time off the scale! Again, no judgement please.  My mind is constantly whirling with ideas and what I should do next, I check my stats like a looney, I’m forever keeping on top of my Facebook likes, twitter mentions, instagram pics and more.  All in between dealing with the demands of a toddler and a baby who also seems to have his own obsession – the sodding fireplace.  GET OUT RAFFY!

Blogging is therapy 

It’s no secret that I have found this parenting gig pretty tough.  Whilst I first struggled with the loss of “me” when I became a mum to number one, the biggest challenge I find now is just keeping up with the pair of them, plus the never-ending tidal wave of chores that face us mums / dads everyday.  Becoming a mum has meant dealing with a complex set of emotions I wasn’t in any way prepared for and I found that by writing it all down I felt better…much, much better.

It’s mine, all mine 

For the last three years my job has “just” been mum.  I have temporarily given up my life in PR to stay at home and look after my beautiful, crafty kids.  I used to think PR was all consuming, but the kids kick PR’s arse when it comes to taking over.  This job is 24/7 and there is little left in my life right now that is just mine.  Step forward Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream.  You may be small, you may consist of the ramblings of a mad woman, but you are all mine and that means the world.

I crave success 

I thought that working in PR made me hungry for success, but starting Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream has made me realise that this hunger is an intrinsic piece of me (I should have known better). When I first started the blog I promised myself that I would just do it for the writing, at least for the next 6 months until baby is bigger. But that lasted approximately 4 seconds before I started frantically checking my stats and thinking of ways to build my audience. Turns out I’m not a laid back out blogger after all, but that’s just fine by me. This hunger gives me high hopes for the future and I’m genuinely excited by what’s to come.

What a lovely bunch 

It’s impossible to blog and not be aware of other bloggers. I didn’t (and still don’t) have any idea what I’m doing logistically, but by taking note of what others are up to and reading some fantastic, funny blogs, I’m beginning to get a vague idea.  And you know what?  Bloggers are a really friendly bunch.  There is a real sense of community in the blogging world, which I wasn’t expecting, and everyone is happy to say hi and give a helping hand.  A lovely surprise.  I have also been shocked and so, so pleased by the positive feedback people have given me when reading my posts.  Apart from one lady who, clearly peeved by my over zealous offensive posting on a local Facebook group, asked if I was going to upload EVERY post on their page.  Oops *sobs into hands*.

Overall starting my blog has been brilliant and has given me the much needed boost I have been craving.  I do wonder whether I have been mad to start something that so time consuming when I barely have a minute to myself, but stuff it. As my darling friend from the Big Apple taught me, you either go big or go home, and that’s what I plan to do.

Gemma x


7 thoughts

  1. how I felt while reading this…it was like I was the one writing it! Love it and yes, you are right! Motherhood is challenging, blogging had its learning curve but while being a temporary escape from reality, it has its own perks…Good luck x


  2. Oh Gems you have hit the nail on the head again! Housework or blogging? Blogging wins every time! And yes, I literally cannot stop checking my stats – i have even been known to check them while on he loo. Sorry if TMI!

    So happy to be joining you on the blogging journey and glad I am not the only one that feels like this! X


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