The Summer Holiday Survival Plan

So, the summer holidays are very nearly upon us and whilst I’m sure many mums have got this school holiday business down pat, there are others (like me) who view the rolling weeks ahead with a little trepidation.  With the toddler demanding to know “where are we going today?” first thing each morning, the pressure to bring on the fun this summer is felt in spades.  Step forward the summer holiday survival plan.

Each week, I will be heading somewhere fun with the Capocci clan and I would love you to join me.  On many occasions, I have headed off for a family day out full of optimism, only to be deflated on arrival when the toddler is bored, the baby is crying and consequently mummy is close to meltdown.  As a result I am now a firm believer of safety in numbers and having some fellow families to hang out can only increase the fun factor (madness).

Below are a list of dates and suggested days out throughout the holidays…(I wanted to do a jazzy calendar but as I’m a techy idiot and the house is full of disease, a plain old list will have to do)…

Monday 20th July – Valentines Park, Ilford (FREE entry, and free parking on side roads.  Change needed to park in park carpark)

Wednesday 22nd July – Cammas Hall Fruit Farm, near Bishops Stortford (FREE entry and parking, pay by basket for strawberries)

Monday 27th July – Beach East at the Park, Olympic Park (FREE entry, change needed for parking)

Wednesday 29th July – Alexandra Palace (FREE entry, change may be needed for parking)

Monday 3rd August – Gruffalo Walk, Brentwood (FREE entry, change needed for parking)

Wednesday 5th August – Willows Farm, Herts 

Monday 10th August – Victoria Park, Victoria Park Village (FREE entry, change needed for parking)

Wednesday 12th August – Greenwich Park / National Maritime Museum, Greenwich 

Monday 17th August – Discover Centre, Stratford

Wednesday 19th August – Ashlyn Farm Splash Park, near Harlow

Monday 31st August – Brooks Farm, Leyton (FREE entry, change may be needed for parking) 

The general idea is that families dip in and out when they can / they fancy it, and if you’re sat at home bored and wondering what the hell you’re going to do with your week, there is an option available to you. Come with us!

Here are just a few pointers to consider…

  • These suggestions are weather / disease / sleep deprivation dependent and I will confirm exactly where we’re off to and at what roughly what time via the Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream Facebook page.  If you’re not a social media fan, you can email me on and I will send you an email instead to confirm all the details.  I will dish out my mobile number to those who confirm via Facebook/email the day before so you can find us without any problems
  • On the whole, Mondays outings will be just mornings and local, and Wednesdays will be more daring and a day trip
  • All families will be responsible for organising their own transport, tickets etc.  I can barely remember my own nappies / suncream / snacks so I wouldn’t rely on me for the finer details!
  • Whilst I can guarantee I will always be friendly, chatty and welcoming, I cannot guarantee the good behaviour of my children.  There is every chance Coco will throw a wobbly because she wants an ice cream before lunch, that she might not want to share her toys, or that Raffy makes his feelings known audibly about being strapped to the buggy.  But on the whole we’re a nice bunch I promise
  • No one is committed to sticking a day / morning out.  This whole arrangement is very flexible based on the understanding that everyone has there own routines / sh*t to deal with (me included), so if you need to shoot off or do something differently, that’s absolutely fine
  • For further information on each of the locations listed, please click through to the location website

I hope that covers all the bases! The general ethos is the more the merrier and that includes my lovely mates and those I haven’t met just yet.  I think I’m right in saying that everyone feels the strain a little more during the holidays and with some fun days out to look forward to, it should *hopefully* make things a little easier.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line on

Looking forward to hanging out over the summer!

Come and hang with us crazies! x
Come and hang with us crazies! x

Gemma x

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