The house of horrors – 10 things we learnt when handling the Norovirus

This weekend was set to be a corker. The sun was shining, my husband had his one weekend off in August from the factory, the toddler and I had tickets to see the 3 Little Pigs at the theatre, and the NCT crowd were hosting a BBQ.  Things couldn’t get much better.  That was until we got slapped round the chops by the norovirus.  For those who are unaware of this delightful disease, it basically involves a day or two of endless pooping and puking and, as it’s highly contagious, the whole flippin family comes down with it. Now you don’t get through three years of parenting without having to sort out the odd barf in bed, but this weekend really took the biscuit on so many levels and here are 10 reasons why….

  1. You learn the true meaning of unconditional love: scrubbing sofa vomit when you have been barfing all day yourself, they should put that in the hallmark cards
  2. You find you have every medicine under the sodding sun except the one you really need to starve off dreaded dehydration: dioralyte (future note, always keep in stock)
  3. You will be dunked head to toe in baby vomit.  One of the many laugh or cry moments of the weekend…
  4. Profits for Dettol and Febreeze will double (despite this the house will never feel clean again!)
  5. Just when you think there aren’t any more shit/puke covered clothes/towels/bed sheets to wash there is more…A LOT more
  6. It will kick off at the most inopportune moment.  In my case, at 10pm when out with my bestie who has travelled from Surrey, sporting a belly full of sushi and half a bottle plus of Prosecco
  7. You won’t sleep for two nights straight (at least)
  8. The dominions effect of puking works just as well with family members as it does with uni mates (“if you puke, I’ll puke”)
  9. There is nothing worse in the world than seeing your family unwell.  I am so thankful that they are in otherwise good health
  10. Think you’ll get your bed back anytime soon?  Dream on dreamer!  Quoting Coco this evening, “I’m sleeping with Daddy again tonight”  Of course you are….
My poor little man still smiling despite the horror that is the norovirus
My poor little man still smiling despite the horror that is the norovirus

I’m so sorry we had to cancel our summer holiday survival plan day out to Victoria Park today!  We should be germ free by Wednesday and I am fully intending to head to Greenwich Park (or the National Maritime Museum if it’s raining).  For more details please follow the Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream Facebook page.  

Gemma x

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