Summer Holiday Survival Plan Update!

There are just a few short weeks of the summer holidays left, and miraculously my sanity has remained in tact – just!  Now that we’re post plague we would love to finish the summer holiday survival plan with a bang and that involves a small rejig of the locations previously listed (dates remain the same).  Please see details below:

Monday 17th August – Victoria Park (FREE entry, change may be needed for parking)

Wednesday 19th August – Ashlyn Farm Splash Park, near Harlow

Monday 31st August – Pelican Playground, Grange Farm, Chigwell (FREE entry & parking)

As mentioned in my previous post, the general idea is that families dip in and out when they can / they fancy it, and if you’re sat at home bored and wondering what the hell you’re going to do with your week, there is an option available to you. Come with us!  Please sign up to my Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream Facebook page for further details in the days leading up to the trip, or alternatively drop me a line on

Here are a few words from a couple of very lovely ladies who have already joined us this summer…

“My two little boys and I had a fabulous time at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm.  It was a last minute decision to go, decided upon on the basis that the sun must shine at some point in July and the kids were driving me mad inside…My sons had a fantastic time, my 3 year old made a “best friend” and him and his brother ate more strawberries than can surely be healthy for such small children.  I really enjoyed meeting some other local mums, it was super friendly and chilled out – we wandered about chatting with some mums and other kids who’d joined in the fun for the day…Gemma was super lovely and the whole day was very chilled and relaxed.  Will definitely be back for more summer days of fun.” ALISON 

“I’ve joined Gemma for a few of her Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream days out and both times have been great.  It was so helpful to have a planned schedule as often the holidays leave me in a panic forgetting about all the good suggestions I have heard! But more than anything it has been so lovely for my two children to make new friends, to see them playing so nicely together and for me to meet some lovely like-minded mums.  It’s always really chilled and friendly” BECKY 

“E, B and I have loved joining in with the summer survival plan!  All the dates and activities are marked in the calendar and it has made the 6 week holiday without groups less daunting!  Gemma is really friendly and made us feel very welcome from the first meeting.  The great thing is a lot of the activities don’t cost a lot (except the odd coffee and parking) and aren’t too far away.  It is definitely easier (mostly!) when the children are outside in different surroundings, playing with people the same age as them.  Looking forward to the next adventure” STEPHANIE 

My two at Valentines Park
My two at Valentines Park
Fun at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm
Fun at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm
Hanging out at Ally Pally
Hanging out at Ally Pally
The gang at the Gruffalo Trail
The gang at the Gruffalo Trail

Looking forward to hanging out soon!

Gemma x

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