Review: Six reasons to visit wonderful Wanstead Park

To all the local yocals who read my blog (thank you btw!) I may not be shedding any new light here, but I love this place so much I just have to write about it.  I’ve had this review of wonderful Wanstead Park in my ideas bank (ok, scribbles in my diary) for ages, but it has been such a busy summer and I spend so much time faffing around that I am only now getting round to it.

I am lucky enough to have Wanstead Park on my doorstep and without a doubt it is my go-to place to take the kids when I’m at home, and here are a few of the reasons why…

  1. It is very easy to forget we’re living in urban East London when we’re surrounded by such gorgeous open green space.  Perfect when you need a breather!

    Taken during my walk in Wanstead Park
  2. The Tea Hut!  I fess up, it is run by my family and close friends, BUT you genuinely won’t find a friendlier bunch.  Come summer, they’re open all hours, they serve a wide range of delicious coffees/teas, hot and cold food, and the ice cream is delicious 😉  Coco can be a right pain in the bum when it comes to fussy eating, but the gang there are always happy to cater to the kids tastes and make something from scratch, plus Jean’s bread & butter pudding cake is legendary!

    The best tea hut in town
  3. The kids absolutely love to go and feed the ducks, geese, swans and those cheeky seagulls, but for the keener eye there is a whole host of other wildlife should you wish to find it.  On our walk through from playgroup we even bumped into Jazz the Owl – how amazing is that!?    People also come from far and wide to see the beautiful bluebells that arrive in spring

    Jazz the Owl
    Jazz the Owl
  4. Perfect for play come rain or shine.  Even if the weather isn’t good enough to enjoy a coffee in the sunshine, you can always channel Peppa, stick the wellies on and get jumping in those muddy puddles
  5. Several events take place in the park, particularly throughout the summer, with Music in Wanstead Park being just one of them
  6. The walk back and forth to the High St gets pretty dull, but I know I will always enjoy a stroll around the park even with the double buggy, toddler, baby and bloody kitchen sink in tow.  This summer the park has provided the perfect backdrop for my training for the Shine Night Walk (when I’ve got round to it!)

    Coco and the geese
    Coco and the geese

There have been more than a few times this summer when I have been tearing my hair out as I try and peel my hyperactive kids off the walls, wracking my brains of something to do to keep them occupied, and I always breathe a literal sigh of relief to know I can pop to the park, break up the day and have a breather.  Another one of my few tried and tested sanity savers!

Here are a few of my top tips:

  • You can reach the park through several entrances…Northumberland Road and Park Road (both in Aldersbrook) or if you’re coming from Wanstead High Street you can find an entrance at the end of Warren Road
  • For more history on the park and to keep up with events there, The Friends of Wanstead Parklands website is a great one to follow, just click here
  • Toilets can be found at the Temple
  • Try one of the Rossi of London ice creams, they’re the best in town! (Blatant self promotion – once a PR, always a PR)
  • The park is also a dog walkers paradise should you have a pooch at home.  Should they behave particularly well you can also buy them treats at the tea hut

What do you love about your local park?

Gemma x

2 thoughts

  1. Totally agree with this, I’ve really enjoyed Wanstead Park this summer now that both my kids are able to walk a mile or two (with lots of stops and some carrying!), and I’ve also enjoyed cycling round bits of it with my son who has learnt to ride his bike. Lots and lots of tasty blackberries are easy to reach now too. There is a surprising amount of variety in the park too. I do wish that more of the park was available for cyclists though.


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