Fake it till you make it: fighting the big fat failure days

Today I feel like a big fat failure.  There, I’ve said it.  My mood has been meaner than an overtired threeanger on a sugar comedown and my parenting style akin to Miss Trunchbull on steriods. Yes, my period has finally made it’s first arrival since we welcomed Raffy into the world (just in time for the Shine marathon walk on Saturday – hooray!), and I’m sure my hormonal hell hasn’t helped, but if I’m honest I know deep down that what I’m in need of is a big old boot up the arse.  You see, I’ve become spoilt and more than a little bit ungrateful.  My recent social media obsession has developed hand in hand with an unhealthy impatience to succeed, and rather than concentrating on all the wonderful things I have achieved, I am becoming far too focused on my failures. So to save me from myself (and to stop my husband from making me sleep in the wendy house), I’m going to do a rare thing and talk about all the GREAT stuff I have going on….

I am working on my first PR campaign in THREE years.  I may not be taking the business work by storm (was I ever!?) but I’m back in the game and doing so on my terms. The cogs in my brain are dusty, creaky and in need of some serious oiling, but they’re working and this could be the beginning of something really brilliant.

I work hard on building up my little blog and I have been genuinely taken aback by all the support and kind comments from those who regularly read my ramblings and come along to our little meet-ups.  I often forget that it has only been up and running just short of five months and it is still in it’s infancy.  Yes, no one is banging down my door for writing commissions just yet, but that’s not to say nothing will come in the future (fingers crossed!).

This weekend I am walking a marathon at night to raise money for Cancer Research.  Spare time is not something that I have much of, so training has been limited, especially with a baby and toddler in tow.  But my family and I will be donning our neon face paint and will be shining bright through London town to raise some big bucks for a charity close to my heart – blisters or no blisters!

I may be incompletely incapable of making my kids nap, my son spends most of his time pinching me or trying to sneak in a cheeky head butt, they eat WAY too much ice cream, and my only successful parenting tool is bribery, but I have two very beautiful and content children who I love more than anything in the world (even if they do blatantly prefer their Daddy).

Lastly my handsome husband has just returned from the garage with a family bag size of Maltesers and I’m now starting a marathon of TV gold – GBBO and Dr Foster.  Happy days!

Gemma x

Just resisted a mummy meltdown when the hulk aka Raffy did this to my favourite jumper today x
I only just avoided a mummy meltdown when The Hulk, aka Raffy, did this to my favourite jumper today x

5 thoughts

  1. Just came across you today. Nice to see someone being honest about motherhood and day to day life. I have twin boys who are now 5 and ice cream is often also used in my home. I to am walking shine the full 26miles. I will be stocking my freezer with extra ice cream this weekend. Good luck Saturday.


  2. Hiya, as always very funny Gemma. Even if it’s to get a through a s**tty time. I am feeling for your jumper and I love your ‘Trunchball’ analogy. I think we all have those moments. Lots of lovely successes in this post that you rightly point out – don’t forget them! Good luck with Shine, I was supposed to be doing it but have had to pull out – next year. It will be amazing, perfect weather – looking forward to reading your blog about it! Nicky x


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