The Quiet and Calm of Quarantine

Ok, not so much quiet and calm.  The poor little love had the pox so naturally he’s going to make his unhappiness known and, as per usual, the little darlings were still conversing with the local dogs via their high pitched screams at stupid o’clock AM (sorry again nice neighbours).  But there is a certain inner calm that comes with not having to be anywhere at any time when in quarantine and, it turns out, there are a few other pleasant surprises too…

My beautiful, crusty boy x
My beautiful, crusty boy x
  • The need to be washed and presentable (or in my case, in my mum uniform of jumper, jeans and converse) is obviously null and void if you’re going to spend you day slumped with your sad little lambs watching endless re-runs of Peppa. The silver lining? PJs ALL DAY!  Plus no hopping around doing the “getting changed” dance that regularly sees mummy swearing silently and pulling her hair out pre 9am
  • Anyone with unruly hair will know how it feels to be a slave to your GHDs.  “Oh it must be lovely to have curly hair,” people often say.  Sadly not when it resembles a 1980s perm.  This week I’ve pimped that perm and it felt good (no, I’m not brave enough for pics…yet)
  • It’s lashing it down outside, does it matter!?  Hell no!  Whatever the weather we’re going to be hanging out at home so no need to worry.  That said, if it was scorching outside and we were watching kids skipping by eating ice cream we might feel a little differently
  • The toys I normally spend every frigging day falling over, and then picking up, I actually feel grateful for!  Those brightly coloured bits of plastic have kept the kids occupied for longer than the usual five minutes and we’ve actually had time to dig to the bottom of the toy box and find toys we haven’t found for months.  It’s like Christmas!
  • The one constant in the Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream household is the never-ending piles of washing that litter every bedroom and often the kitchen floor.   This week the washing machine has never been so busy and miraculously I have come out the other side with (drum roll please….) EMPTY WASHING BASKETS!
  • The same can be said for our slow cooker.  Being at home for days on end has given me time to peel, chop and actually cook rather than bunging something in the oven at 5.10pm every evening.  This doesn’t mean the food was delicious.  My leek and potato soup = total disaster (I’m still silently sobbing over the watery mush)
  • At the risk of raising the blog’s cheese levels a little higher than normal, it’s been fun spending some proper quality time with the sproglets.  I am as guilty as the next person of running from pillar to post, always thinking about what’s coming next, and always mulling over my mental to-do list.  It’s made me realise how much I’m missing by rushing around like a blue arse fly and how switching off from the outside every now and then could be just what the doctor ordered

As I write we are waiting to see whether the pox has passed onto Coco. Talk to me again in week three and we’ll see if I’m still sticking with the same story….*reaches for the gin*

Gemma x

2 thoughts

  1. Nice post! It’s good to see the upsides of a bad or sick situation. We were all ill last week with tonsillitis and viruses, the longer it went on the more depressed I became; I thought it would never end! I hope the pox has gone and you’ve managed to get out this half term! Xx


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