What the f**k am I doing!?

I am the world’s worst night time worry wart.  In the shower I have all my bright ideas (approximately one every six weeks), but at bedtime I get anxious.  I worry about what I’ve done that day, what I’m doing the next day, and what I am doing with the rest of my life.  I worry about my health, my kids health, my families health and pretty much everything else in between.  Then during a particularly lengthy worry session one evening it dawned on me, “what the f**k am I doing!?”   I then realised this must be THE question I asked myself most during my day.

I put the babies nappy / vest / jumper on the wrong way, AGAIN!

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I put the phone in the fridge

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I find I’ve been wearing my trousers the wrong way round ALL day (this actually happened)

What the f**k am I doing!?

I forget to take tonight’s food out the freezer

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I leave the nappy bag at home and the baby has done a massive sh*t

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I’ve been starring at Facebook cross-eyed for the last five hours

What the f**ck am I doing!?

I’ve let the kids watch Toy Story 1,2 and 3 back-to-back

What the f**ck am I doing!? 

I’ve attempted dungarees and I look like a dick

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I’ve started a blog and it’s not an overnight success

What the f**k am I doing!? 

I’ve somehow slipped a disc in my bloody back changing the baby’s sleep suit

What the f**k am I doing? 

You know what, I’m doing alright.  

Yes I make mistakes Every. Single. Day but that’s ok.

No one succeeds at everything ALL the time.

I know I will continue to berate myself on a daily basis and I will no doubt continue to do ridiculous things roughly every three hours, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re all doing pretty darn well.

And for that I am very, very thankful.

Gemma x






4 thoughts

  1. Hahahahha. I’ve been saying this for years…. Even when I walk up the stairs. There is way too much going on in your head. I have now started to lists. As the lists in my head get lost or forgotten.
    I have a large white board in my kitchen and write anything on it that I need.
    What the fuck am I doing is definitely a saying I use on a regular basis. Haha.


  2. So so so true !! This made me laugh out loud seems you just got into my head because that is my life !! Glad to know we’re in it together ladies ! Xx
    As always brilliant post Gemma


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