Happy New Year 2016!

It’s New Year’s Eve (in case you missed the memo), and whilst most people are busy reflecting on their 2015, I am mostly panicking as I emerge from my cheese fuelled hazy Christmas hangover and remember we’re off on holiday in a matter of days (yay!) and I therefore need to start packing – pronto (f*ck!)  So for now, I can tell you I will be entering the new year a little like this…

2..kids on a serious sugar comedown


1……….frazzled husband

6………….lbs heavier (thank you port salut!)

BUT despite starting the year less beach ready and more beached whale, 2016 is going to be MY year.

For the first time in what feels forever, I am starting a year without a newborn attached to my nipple, or with my fingers crossed hoping for a new baby.  Whilst the kids will no doubt dominate most of my days, there is the opportunity to dedicate a little bit more time to me.  You can read all about my fantasy vs reality new year’s resolutions here, but I’m hoping this will result in more time for writing, more time to fix my buggered back and more time to blog.

The blog will feature my usual sleep deprived, parenting-related disaster stories (of which I’m sure there will be many!), but will also include more reviews of kid-friendly days out and a new series of interviews featuring a group of funny, clever and interesting mums (and dads!).   More on this post-holiday.

This blog has been, and continues to be, an absolute sanity saver for me.  When overwhelmed by the job of never-ending bottom wiping and cheese sandwich making that is parenting, the blog gives me the chance to off load and chat to other mums and dads that just get it.   Thank you so much for reading and sharing my ramblings, and supporting Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream for the last eight months – it has been awesome.

Here’s to an exciting 2016 (fuelled by LOADS of sleep!)

Gemma x

PS If you’d rather NOT see me beach whaling it up in the sunshine with the fam, avoid instagram (@coffeekidsicecream) for the next few weeks 😉

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