BRAND NEW SERIES: What’s at the bottom of your changing bag…

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat during the last few weeks whilst we indulged in some family time in sunnier climes (more on that later), but we’re back with a bang and kicking off with a brand new series for Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream called….WHAT’S AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CHANGING BAG?

Each week will feature a different mum or dad who I have invited to give you guys a warts and all look at what’s lurking at the bottom of their changing bag, including the odd anecdote and a few handy hints too.  This mum or dad could be funny, clever, a new business owner, a fellow blogger or just a bit bloody brilliant.

First up this week (drum roll)…ME! 

What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of you and your changing bag?  

Pretty, large, a bit dirty (both me and the changing bag!)

Storsak changing bag
Storsak changing bag

What is your must-have item that you can’t live without?

Currently Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  A saviour for mums and toddlers with sore cracked lips.

What’s the make of your bag?

I have a lovely grey, quilted storsak number, but I would actually consider having another baby if I could get my hands on a Tiba & Marl backpack.  LOVE.

Elwood Floral Tiba & Marl changing bag
Elwood Floral Tiba & Marl changing bag

If you delve to the bottom and do a raffle style grab, what are you most likely to find?

A soggy Ashton & Parsons sachet.  I once found the watch I’d lost..covered in mouldy yoghurt.  Yuk!

What item do you always forget?


What is the most surprising item in your changing bag?


Do you have any top tips for reducing the amount of crap parents carry?

I am terrible at clearing out my changing bag (hence the mouldy watch), but whenever I have a clear out it weighs more than ever!  Don’t pack 100 nappies as I often do.  You’ll never use them all and they just get dirty and bulk out your bag.

Fast forward a few years and you no longer need a nappy bag, what is your dream replacement?

A Mulberry Freya in Oxblood would make a lovely birthday present (hint, hint husband)

Next week…lovely Zoe from the fashion website Dress Like a Mum (

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