Dress Like A Mum: What’s at the bottom of your changing bag?

As promised, this week we are having a nosey in the lovely Zoë’s changing bag from Dress Like A Mum. Fed up with the bad rep mums had in the fashion industry, Zoë set out to change the public perception of “dressing like a mum” and prove that mums can be stylish and keep their sense of identity even after pushing out a sprog or two, and she’s winning! Totting up a serious number of followers across social media, and being recognised by the likes of the Telegraph’s fashion team, Zoë is now influencing an army of mum fans on their fashion choices whilst keeping us entertained in the process (who doesn’t love a Friday lunge!)

Here she is answering my questions on what’s at the bottom of her changing bag….


What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of you and your changing bag?

Useful bag always with me.

What is your must-have item that you can’t live without?

Wet wipes! For cleaning everything.

What’s the make of your bag?

 TIBA + MARL. I LOVE my changing bag. My friends launched TIBA + MARL last year and I’m so proud of them for believing in their idea and going for it, plus all the bags are AMAZING, super cool, great quality, really comfortable, durable, practical and my daughter has a matching mini version too! My bag: http://www.tibaandmarl.com/store/elwood-floral


If you delve to the bottom and do a raffle style grab, what are you most likely to find?

An old oatcake and a long lost lipstick.

What item do you always forget? 

I always forget the thing I need the most – so I often over compensate and take way more than I need.

What is the most surprising item in your changing bag?

Its surprising when I actually have the things I need on the day I need them!

Do you have any top tips for reducing the amount of crap parents carry?

I swap around my nappy bags quite a lot (to match my outfits – I also have a Jem+Bea, a snakeskin print MI Pac backpack from Scout & Co Kids, a silver leather tote from ASOS and many others…) which is good as I naturally clear out the crap when I swap them over. But its also risky incase certain items don’t make the swap!




Fast forward a few years and you no longer need a nappy bag, what is your dream replacement?

A Hill & Friends pink Happy Bag: https://www.hillandfriends.com/shop/happy-chain-bag-pink-gold – small, pink, impractical and happy!

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration then look no further, click here to head over to the Dress Like A Mum website.  You can also follow Zoë on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Happy shopping!

Gemma x

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