MovieMum: What’s at the bottom of your changing bag?

Next up this week, letting us dive into the bottom of her changing bag, is my very talented and wonderful friend Becky, otherwise known as MovieMum.  Previously a primary school teacher and now mum to her beautiful brood, Matilda (3) and Henry (1), Becky started MovieMum after making a number of films as a favour for friends using the photos and clips of their kids and word spread.  Realising that most parents do very little with their favourite footage, often laying dormant on their smart phones, Becky began to offer an editing service perfect for busy parents who want to create something other than a photo album from their memories.  Whether it’s a moving memento you’re looking for or a special gift for family members, MovieMum is your lady.


Here she is answering my questions on what’s at the bottom of her changing bag….

What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of your changing bag?

Where the f*ck is ____!?  I don’t know if I can still blame ‘baby brain’ since my youngest was born 19 months ago, but I definitely have a tendency to misplace the very item I need at that moment.

What is your must-have item you can’t live without? 

Child related?  Then it’s water wipes. I’ve got a subscription with Amazon so that these and the nappies never run out, and I find they are very gentle on my (wriggly) toddler’s little bottom.

If me related, then it’s my iPhone 6 (particularly now I use Apple Pay at Costa Coffee!) But I also love the camera on this phone.  Both of my children are used to me snapping their every move, like lots of parents!  But it’s so important for me to keep a record of the marvellous and mundane moments of their lives.  I love being able to instantly share it with my husband at work, my sister in New Zealand, to post something on my Instagram feed or keep for a future movie project!

What’s the make of your bag? 

Storksak.  I liked that it doesn’t look like a nappy bag. I found it really hard to choose just one bag from their range before my son was born.

If you delve to the bottom and do a raffle style grab, what are you most likely to find? 

Probably a baby biscotti.  I usually have reserves for those moments when both children decide they’ve had enough of whatever it is I’m trying to do!

What item do you always forget? 

Usually a sippy cup for my son, but believe it or not I’ve been known to leave nappies behind quite a few times.  When my son was three weeks old,  I took his nappy off in the Westfield parent & baby changing area and then realised I had nothing to put on his bare, clean botty! I mean I had a spare outfit, enough rattles for a small orchestra, and some other newborn paraphernalia, but not a nappy in sight!  Thankfully a very lovely new mum (who was obviously far more prepared than me) offered me some spares.  That was quite a nice, heartwarming moment thrown into the chaos and self-doubt of being a new ‘mum of two’.

What is the most surprising item in your changing bag? 

Probably my daughter’s wand!  I like a good prop.  Great for waiting rooms / restaurants / shopping queues.

Do you have any top tips for reducing the amount of crap parents carry? 

I’ve become much better at taking the nappy bag out of the car and emptying it on a regular basis.  Prior to this I would just keep adding.  Hence all the sippy cups / wipes would be in the car and not the kitchen, leading to the cycle of ‘where the f*ck is ___?

Fast forward a few year’s and you no longer need a nappy bag, what is your dream replacement? 

A gorgeous, tan leather cross body bag by Chloe please *gets out daughter’s wand*

For further information please visit the MovieMum website here or email

You can also follow MovieMum on Facebook and Twitter via @itsmoviemum.

Happy snapping!

Gemma x

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