Yoga Leggs: What’s at the bottom of your changing bag?

This week we delve to the bottom of the very lovely Becki’s changing bag, who is one half of the super cool and comfy yoga wear company, Yoga Leggs.  Specialising in bright, patterned leggings perfect for all sorts of exercise (including the school run!), Yoga Leggs first caught my eye after they featured local yoga and pilates teachers in their launch campaign and cleverly made them ambassadors of the brand.  Leading the way in the “athleisure” phenomenon (i.e. making it cool to wear your comfy gym gear ALL DAY 🙏) having recently released a range of tops, jumpers and bags, there are now officially enough options to kit us out for the whole week – heaven! Oh and Becki made all this happen with a new baby in tow!


Here she is answering my questions on what’s at the bottom of her changing bag…

What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of your changing bag?

Why did I buy pink!?!

What is your must-have item you can’t live without? 

Bibs at the moment, otherwise wipes!

What’s the make of your bag? 

Storksak.  Love their bags and designs ❤


If you delve to the bottom and do a raffle style grab, what are you most likely to find? 

I just did this and found a packet of apricots, a peg, a pompom, a hairband and some leaflets


What item do you always forget? 

I never seem to have enough bibs at the moment.  It’s super stocked up with these now though

What is the most surprising item in your changing bag? 

The pompom I just found, which fell off my slippers a while back!  Now how did that get there!?

Do you have any top tips for reducing the amount of crap parents carry? 

Keep de-cluttering your bag!

Fast forward a few year’s and you no longer need a nappy bag, what is your dream replacement? 

I’d be carrying a Yoga Leggs bag of course on my way to yoga! 😂 ❤🙏

To get your hands on some Yoga Leggs goodies, click through to their website here.  Keep up to date with Yoga Leggs news and offers via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I will also be sharing my Pilates journey on their blog shortly – will keep you posted!

Happy shopping!

Gemma x


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