The Unmumsy Mum: What’s at the bottom of your changing bag?

Letting us have a good old nosey in her changing bag this week is my all time favourite blogger and writer, The Unmumsy Mum.  I have no shame in saying I developed a slight girl crush on Sarah after reading her ‘Open Letter To The Mum With The Red Coat’ (after I finished pissing my pants laughing of course).  But since reading her debut novel on her experience of motherhood  (a Sunday Times bestseller no less) my affections have been firmly cemented.  Loved by a legion of fans, The Unmumsy Mum continues to receive rave reviews thanks to her ability to help a million mums (and dads) feel ‘normal’ as we negotiate our way through this messy business called parenthood.


Here she is answering my questions on what’s at the bottom of her changing bag…

What are the first five words that come to mind when you think of your changing bag?

I really must clean it…

What is your must-have item you can’t live without? 

Baby wipes.  I know that sounds like an obvious one but I honestly don’t know how I coped without wipes in my life even before I had children.  I use them to clean everything the baby/car/house/my shoes.  In fact, I had an overnight stay last week for work (without the kids) and I still packed wipes.  I start getting twitchy if stocks get low.

What’s the make of your bag? 

Pink Lining.

If you delve to the bottom and do a raffle style grab, what are you most likely to find? 


What item do you always forget? 

A spare pair of trousers for my 18-month old who gets through an average of 5.2 pairs a day.

What is the most surprising item in your changing bag? 

A Disney princesses mini hairbrush (I have two boys with short hair).  It belongs to my niece, but it’s such a handy size I haven’t remembered to return it yet…

Do you have any top tips for reducing the amount of crap parents carry? 

Don’t have children.  Just kidding.  I have no idea (probably why I can never close the zip).

Fast forward a few year’s and you no longer need a nappy bag, what is your dream replacement? 

Something fancy, like a Mulberry Bayswater (we’re talking absolute dream bag here – in practice I’d be happy with something from the high street.  Big enough for my packet of wipes, obviously).

If you’ve somehow missed The Unmumsy Mum (where have you been hiding!?) you can read her brilliant blog here.  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and download her best-selling debut book ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ here.

Happy reading!

Gemma x


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