Who wants to get naked?

On the whole there is a lot of nakedness in our house. This comes with the territory when you own two toddlers. As the day rolls on, items of clothing are gradually (or not so gradually) whipped off, and by dinner time I am often left with two butt naked babies boogieing around my living room.

Days before our holiday in December, Coco was doing her daily naked dance and I remember looking at her, shaking her booty with not a care in the world, and I wondered when it is we start to become so body conscious?  In comparison, I was fretting about the baby weight that I had failed to lose plus the extra poundage I had acquired during Christmas, which meant my black suck-it-in cossie was now a serious squeeze. To top it off, my trotters were in need of some major work and I was in danger of pulling a “Miranda (SATC) in Mexico” (lucky Mark!). On the whole it wasn’t the beach body I was hoping for when we booked our holiday (but then shifting half my body weight and stretching my legs five inches was always unlikely). In the end, I escaped our holiday home for a few hours to right the wrong that was my toe nails and I sucked up the rest – including many corn beef hash breakfasts, thai takeaways, and a few a-mazing burgers for good measure (hello elasticated waists – I love you). But happy in my birthday suit during that holiday I was not.

Nakedness, in particular Kim K’s near-on naked selfie, threatened to break the internet (yet again) this week as her finest assets spread like wildfire across social media.  Once more she evoked quite the reaction from men and women alike, some comments positive, but many questioning the authenticity of the shot.  Was that enviably taut tummy down to months of hard core crunches or a sneaky touch of photoshopping?  I suspect both.  But let’s face it, all the celebrities are secretly up to it, even my beloved Beyonce (allegedly).  But what is it about Kimmy K’s image that sparks such uproar?

The subject unexpectedly become a hot topic in our household when lovely Natalie from fashion blog Style Me Sunday questioned on Facebook whether, as women, we should support each other in our decisions across the board, be that to share near-naked images online or otherwise.  The post was particularly poignant as we celebrated International Women’s Day this week, collectively applauding our independence and our right of choice.  So if Kim chooses to share her buxom bosom with the world should we not accept that this is her right to do so?  After all, if we don’t like it, we can just not look, right?

My very wise husband hit the nail on the head when he said, “free choice is fine as long as you’re not harming anyone,” and if I’m honest, I’m not personally sure these images are entirely harmless. I am 32 and a mature mother (ha!) of two, but these photos still have an impact on me.  Call me jealous (you’d be right) but whilst I absolutely high five Kim for rocking such a hot bod, particularly after two babies, I do question the agenda behind the release of the image and how some people may be affected by it .  There is no denying Kim is a real beauty, but in my eyes she isn’t a real representation of women.  We do, after all, we come in all shapes and sizes.  I wouldn’t want my son to expect all women to look this way (especially after two children!) and I would hate for my daughter to think, as she grows older, that sharing naked images is the best way of garnering attention.  Yes, it’s absolutely my role to teach Coco that lesson, but I think Kim normalising this type of behaviour doesn’t exactly help.

Another lady who likes to flash her bits is super successful Australian blogger, Constance Hall.  Constance hit the big time when she released a photo of herself in her bra and pants holding her baby on her hip.  But this time there was no filter or carefully applied photoshopping, just her standing proudly with her mummy tummy and stretch marks on full display.   Referring to all women as “Queens”, Constance believes we should be respectful and proud of our bodies.  There is no denying Constance’s agenda and positive body image is at the top of it.  So much so she is encouraging other “Queens” to share snaps on social media of their bodies, hereby helping to redefine what we consider to be beautiful/sexy.

Whilst I wholeheartedly support Constance’s cause, I won’t be sharing a photo of my swinging spaniels ears on social media anytime soon.  I am openly an over sharer, but  personally I would rather grab your attention by using the written word than by posting a picture of me in my granny pants.  That’s not to say I’m particularly shy when it comes to my naked form.  My poor neighbours will have no doubt been treated to a full frontal on more than one occasion when I’ve forgotten to close the blinds (sorry Susan and Barry!) and I sometimes give the toddlers a run for their money when it comes to nudity at home.

Sadly this doesn’t mean I’m not body conscious, but I do believe that male or female, skinny or curvy, tall or short, athletic or just a little bit chubby (like me), we should all be proud of our bodies and the amazing things it can do.  We should all feel confident enough to share selfies on social media and strive to be happy and healthy. I’d just rather do it with my clothes on.

Gemma x


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