The week the “threeanger” had more meltdowns than Mariah

When it comes to our darling daughter we appear to have entered a new delightful “phase” (the language used by pretty much every parent to help us remain tirelessly optimistic, particularly when facing a new bout of hideous behaviour making us wish we could hide under our duvet and never come out again).

Coco has always been fond of flicking mummy the toddler Vs, but over the last couple of weeks our  “threeanger” has been throwing more tantrums than Mariah Carey has meltdowns.  It’s Easter, so of course there is the minute-by-minute disappointment of not being able to eat only chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But recently the tears and tiny feet stamping has reached new heights, some days hitting stratospheric levels, leaving me wondering whether we’ll ever be able to shop in John Lewis again.

So for fun and frollicks (and because it makes great blog fodder), I have kept a record of all the reasons behind Coco’s heart-felt hissy fits, and I thought I’d share some of the best ones with you.  Enjoy!

  • I answered HER question when watching Dora the Explorer (I didn’t, I was just repeating the question – she’s mad as a box of frogs)
  • We don’t have a kiln to fire her play dough cup (thanks Peppa Pig, or more specifically mummy zebra and your talent for making dinosaur tea sets!)
  • Raffy stole the “8” from the hopscotch (there are 9 other numbers people!)


  • I gave her cheese on toast for breakfast when she asked for….you guessed it…cheese on toast for breakfast!
  • We won’t do various things RIGHT NOW i.e. find tiny baby, put on her tinker bell outfit, locate Mr Bump and the Knight minutes before bed
  • She wants to go out for dinner (we’ve literally just had dinner)
  • We’ve taken her to visit some rabbits we’d like to adopt (bastard parents attempting to find cute fluffy pets to take home)
  • We’re going home without the rabbits (after 20 minutes of her giving them the stink eye)
  • We won’t give her a third plaster for the invisible cut on her foot until AFTER her bath (call social services!)
  • She wants soup for lunch (she’s never eaten soup in her life)

Anyone else have a kid more temperamental than Kanye?  If so, I would love to hear your stories (please make me feel better!)

Happy Easter!

Gemma x


3 thoughts

  1. I feel your pain. One of our issues was shoes: too big, too small, too tight, not tight enough, not ‘comfy’ aghghgh! Leaving the house was hell. He’ll be 5 in July and can still throw a whopper, but it is much better & it does get easier! x


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