We Need to Talk About Fanny

6 thoughts

  1. Good on you for raising the issue, after popping out a few babys most of us have no dignity down below anymore 🙂 i love the term fandango better thsn plain old vagina. Maybe you should do a follow up post abt all the differnt names for the nether regions:)


    1. Please don’t ! If I hear one more celebrity here in NY call her vagina her ‘ va jay jay ‘, I will heave. What are we like 12 again ??? Sheesh. I also hate it when women say ‘ I have a problem down there ‘. Down there ? Down where ?
      Downtown, down under, etc 🙂


      1. I totally get it, but as long as people are discussing these issues so women feel comfortable enough to get themselves checked when experiencing problems, that’s the main thing! There should be no embarrassment or shame whatever we call our vaginas X


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