To my Darling Daughter…

Today is International Women’s Day. This is a day when women’s strength, independence and courage are celebrated across the world.

But I wanted to tell you what being a woman means to me, and what I hope it comes to mean for you one day too.

Being a woman is to be brave. Be brave in your choices and never feel you need to apologise for who you are.

This may be the CEO of a big multinational business, a wild at heart traveller, an artist or a stay at home mother like me. These choices are yours and yours alone and should never need to justify them to anyone.

Remember nothing is permanent. There will be times when you feel like you’ve failed. You won’t be good at everything (after all no one is), but keep practicing at the thing you love. You will get there. Work hard and anything is possible.

Don’t ever feel pressured to be anyone other than yourself. Sometimes you will feel inferior, that you aren’t good enough. But you are enough. Be strong and believe in yourself, even when others are telling you differently.

Stand by your friends. At times of loss and heartbreak they will be your lifeline. No one will hug you tighter or make you belly laugh louder.

But be there for others. Reach out to those who feel alone, who need a friend. Beyond anything else, be kind.  Nothing is more important.

Don’t let others tear you down. A partner should show you respect and love, and support your ambitions and your dreams. You will become a team. Build each other up and when the rain pours be each other’s shelter.

Remember to love, laugh and be yourself my gorgeous girl, and you’ll be just fine.

Your Adoring Mum xxx

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